I am a video producer, content creator and digital marketing strategist.

I focus on amplifying my clients’ own talents to create effective marketing campaigns without over-taxing resources. From startup nonprofits to established manufacturing businesses, everyone stands to benefit from their own expertise. My expertise lies in translating that knowledge into digestible content, and placing it in front of the right audiences.

As a video producer, I have experience working in a number of styles, from corporate to documentary, and can tailor each project to maximize impact. I work directly with clients and stakeholders to ensure that the message and the goal of the video is clearly presented to the intended audience.

As a digital marketer, I often function as an on-demand, in-house digital team. I produce content, I build websites and I manage social media accounts. But I’m also there to handle the in-between things, like troubleshooting technology issues, liaising with other service providers and managing design projects.

Since I carry out the majority of technical and creative work myself, I can deliver quality content with greater efficiency and transparency compared to traditional marketing agencies.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or sample requests, or to discuss a new project.


Joe Gentle

Marketing Strategist & Content Producer
Pedaling Pictures LLC

Below are selected behind the scenes and production stills. For more videos, check out the portfolio page.

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