We offer several affordable video production packages and add-on services to suit most needs. Contact us for a free, custom quote if you’re not sure where your project would fit.

One-minute video package

One-Minute Video

A polished, professional video up to one minute long
Two-minute video package

Two-Minute Video - TOP SELLER

A polished, professional video up to two minutes long
Five-Minute Mini-Doc package

Five-Minute Mini-Doc

A creative, festival-ready five-minute documentary
Six Videos in Six Months package

Six Videos in Six Months - BEST VALUE

Six one-minute videos produced over a period of six months
Ultimate Promo Package

Ultimate Promo Package

Two minutes of high-caliber video and a full day of digital marketing services
Custom quote for video production

Custom Quote

Full-service video production and digital marketing to fit your needs

Why work with Pedaling Pictures?

Video is an increasingly vital form of communication for anyone who has a message to convey, whether that message is in support of a business, a nonprofit organization, or any other entity or project. Pedaling Pictures LLC offers affordable video production services, with a focus on creative short-form documentaries and promo videos that broaden audiences and engage key stakeholders.

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What makes Pedaling Pictures unique:

Cost Effectiveness: We keep our team small and we use our own equipment, so we don’t have much overhead and we don’t take up much space. Production can get pricey with larger crews, but we can provide affordable video production without sacrificing quality.

Communication: We’re able to take on nearly all production responsibilities without enlisting external contractors. There are no barriers between us and our clients: when you talk to us, you’re talking directly to the producer, director, editor, sound designer and graphic artist for each video.  

Dedication: We started Pedaling Pictures because we love making meaningful videos, and we also relish the opportunity to engage with diverse people, organizations, places and cultures. Our productions are engaging and thought-provoking because we invest ourselves in each subject, and treat each project as if it were our own.

Language Proficiency: Between us we have knowledge of 12 languages and counting, and we’re highly familiar with the process of scripting, editing and producing videos in multiple languages.

Flexibility: If you want us to do your project, chances are we want to do it too–and we’ll find a way to make it work. Even if your budget doesn’t match our initial quote, or the timeline doesn’t quite fit, we can almost always find a viable solution.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. If you’re interested in working with us, send us a message describing your project and we’ll send you a free quote for services.